Company Profile

Bam’s Motor Sales Limited Certified Pre-Owned   

The company is founded by Byron Andrew Mullings, (hence the acronym BAM’s) early in 2008 and opened its doors at 24 Caledonia Road Mandeville on April 17, 2008 with the Toyota brand as its first import. Over the years BAM’s gained recognition as one of the top sellers of Used and Pre-owned cars right across Jamaica.

We import and carry a wide range of motor vehicles from Japan Singapore and the United States. From hatchbacks and sedans to family cars and from SUV’s to high end luxury cars, we offer cars to suit every walk of life. Quality is our main priority and we ensure that we stock vehicles in excellent condition and low mileage BAM’s Motor Sales tagline is ‘Every purchase is a deal’ and so we pride ourselves with giving our customers and potential customers the best prices, as well as exemplary customer service. At BAM’s, you don’t just buy a vehicle; you’ve become a member of our large family.


BAMs Motor Sales Team


Service Tips

Here are some quick service tips from our Service Team:   

  • Check tyre pressure and coolant level before long journeys.
  • Do not rev your engine when starting cold in the mornings; this will wear your engine faster.
  • Allow your engine to warm up in the mornings before driving out; this will save you gas and less wear on your engine.
  • Do not clutter your car key ring; fewer loads on your car key ring will prevent the ignition key tumbler from wearing.
  • When parking on an incline, apply the hand brake first then put the car in park, this will allow the hand brake to hold the vehicle and less strain on the transmission.