Bams Motor Sales Financing


An in house financing department is not established yet, however financing can be arranged through several financial institutions which we can recommend, or, one of your choosing. Depending on the vehicle you choose, deposits are as low as 0%, with repayment periods of 4 to 8 years at competitive interest rates. We are registered with the Companies office of Jamaica (T/A Bam’s Motor Sales Limited), the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce, the Trade Board Limited, Inland Revenue Department, and Also Member of Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association.

We import and carry a wide range of motor vehicles from Japan Singapore and the United States. From hatchbacks and sedans to family cars and from SUV’s to high end luxury cars, we offer cars to suit every walk of life. Quality is our main priority and we ensure that we stock vehicles in excellent condition and low mileage BAM’s Motor Sales tagline is ‘Every purchase is a deal’ and so we pride ourselves with giving our customers and potential customers the best prices, as well as exemplary customer service. At BAM’s, you don’t just buy a vehicle; you’ve become a member of our large family.



Concessions and G.C.T. waivers are welcome. (Government, Agriculture, Tourism, Churches, Schools). In order to get the correct pricing it is necessary that the customer present a letter from the respective government entity outlining the terms of the concession. Concessions are done only on vehicles we have in transit to Jamaica or on special orders.


  • The concession is applicable to motor cars as defined in Section 11 of the Road Traffic Act, which are imported or purchased by traveling officers;
  • If the vehicle has a CC rating that exceeds 3,000 and or/or has a value exceeding US$25,000 CIF then NO CONCESSION IS APPLICABLE;
  • Applicants must be officers appointed and confirmed in a traveling post in the public service and are in receipt of or eligible for full upkeep, commuted or fixed allowance;
  • The age of the car being purchased should be under three (3) years; Commercial vehicles are not allowed.
  • Traveling officers are eligible once every five (5) years for a duty concession from date of importation of the last concession vehicle;
  • It is a requirement that where a concession is utilized, claims for upkeep allowance and traveling can only be made in respect of the most recent concession vehicle; Claims for upkeep and traveling in respect of any other vehicle will not be honoured.
  • All applications should be submitted with the following documents:

    1. Letter from Human Resource Department of the employee detailing the grade and position of the individual and the eligibility for the concession (i.e. category of traveling officer)
    2. Copy of Proforma Invoice from the dealership with details including cost of vehicle (C.I.F.) and engine size/capacity.
    3. Copy of valid Jamaican Driver’s Licence.